Software Developer

Emphasis on practical object oriented designs, n-tier applications, and normalized data services to construct multi-platform application and service delivery.

Educator and Trainer

Instruction and curriculum development in computer programming, databases and basic math. Textbook author. Short and long term training; experience with on-site, in-classroom, and online delivery.

Pilot and Author

Strong believer in work-life balance. Turn off the computer and disconnect from the network. Go outside and smell the roses.

Personal Interests

From Portfolio

Tech Demo for WSDOT Annual Developers Conference 2014
Hood Canal Bridge Monitoring System (WSDOT)
Logic Gate Simulator
Web Scheduler
Venn Diagram Visualizer
BridgeWorks (WSDOT BPO)
Bridge Map (WSDOT BPO)
Takeoff/Landing Visualizer
Rail World
Venn Diagram Visualizer (Desktop)
Computer Mathematics and Logic
Online Tutoring System (VB.NET)
Telescopic Image Limb Fitting

Teach without words and work without doing - Laozi

We live in an age of magic. Be a wizard.