(photo) Steve Kollmansberger
Professor of Computer Information Systems
South Puget Sound Community College

Whilst developing creativity,
also cultivate receptivity.
Retain the mind like that of a child,
which flows like running water.
When considering any thing,
do not lose its opposite.
When thinking of the finite,
do not forget infinity;
Act with honour, but retain humility.
(Tao Te Ching, 25)

New Course Development

Along with colleagues, developed new courses to improve curriculum, student learning, retention and aid in recruitment efforts.


He begins from the center and not from the fringe. He imparts an understanding of the basic principles of the art before going on to the meticulous details, and he refuses to break down the [assignments] into a one-two-three drill so as to make the student a robot.
(Alan Watts, speaking on the definition of a master teacher)

Fall 2009: University of Washington Tacoma Instructor Fellowship

Otherwise, a variety of programming and database classes since 2003.


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If there is no service, [there will be] no advice.
(The Most Excellent Mirror -- Samadhi)