A Play in One Act

[Sam and Becky enter from stage-left]
Sam: “Ridiculous! Preposterous!”
Becky: “I don‘t like it any more than you do!”
Sam: “We must do something! We must... change... somehow...”
[Tyler enter from stage-right]
Becky: “We need to band together! Strength in numbers, right?”
Sam: “Right!”
[They march up to Tyler]
Becky: “Our choices are being taken away!”
Sam: “Unbelievable!”
Tyler: “What? What choices?”
Becky: “Don‘t just stand there! We‘re going to march!”
Sam: “In the name of CHOICE!”
[Becky and Sam march out, stage right]
[Tyler walks toward stage-left]
[Nancy enters, stage-left]
Nancy: “What‘s all the noise I heard?”
Tyler: “The government is taking away our freedom! Our choice!”
Nancy: “AGAIN? What is it this time? Outlawing abortion? No critizing the president?”
Tyler: “I don‘t know, but there‘s a bunch of people going to march right now!”
[Nancy and Tyler begin to march out stage-left]
[Petite girl runs in stage-right]
Petite-girl: “What!? What!? No abortion!? What!?”
Nancy [yells back at her]: “That‘s right, can you believe it? We‘re going to protest right now!”
[Nancy and Tyler finish exiting]
Petite-girl [in monologue, pacing]: “The government is always trying to take away my rights! I don‘t know what to do! ... There‘s an ice cream store. That will make me feel better.”
[Exits stage left]
[Becky and Sam, protesting with signs, enter stage right]
Becky: “Restore our choices!”
Sam: “Bring them back!”
[Petite-girl enters stage left]
Petite-girl: “Hey, what‘s going on here?”
Becky: “Our choices are being taken away!”
Petite-girl: “What choices? This is an ice cream store!”
Sam: “I know! They‘re getting rid of chocolate chip cookie dough. It was my favorite.”
Becky: “So we‘re protesting to get it back!”
[Petite-girl slumps a little]
Petite-girl: [Sounding sad] “That was my favorite too...”
[curtain close]

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