Fiction works by Steve Kollmansberger

If you have better summaries for any of these works, I'm open to updating them.


A Daffodil for Brian
Brian has an organized life filled with the things that should be there: a girlfriend, a good job and a pastor he can confide in. But a strange man who haunts his every move and a mysterious woman who feels his thoughts begin to unravel the fabric of his normal life. When he finds a book which drives his fate, his sanity and soul are endangered. 3rd Edition, 2004.

Short Stories

The story is already written. I just have to live it. 26 Apr 2013

Fifty Years Later
A young woman going to meet her husband is brutally assaulted. Fifty years later to the day, at the same place, another young woman finds herself in another terrible situation. 7 Mar 2010

The Father's Son
A young man coping with an identity crisis believes a convicted serial killer holds the key to the truth about his background. Face to face with the killer, he struggles to avoid following in the same footsteps.6 Dec 2009

The Assassination of the Solar President
A group of ragtag hitmen are hired to eliminate the most difficult target imaginable: the reclusive and well protected President of the solar system. Will they succeed and claim their share of a bountiful payoff, or will the President's elite Central Security officers put them in their place? 10 May 2009

The Coup
The President of a post-apocalyptic city-state faces a military coup. His security director concocts a plan to rout the superior military forces and save the President. As tension, danger, and uncertainty rise, the President must ultimately face his greatest foe: his own self-doubt. 14 Dec 2006

The Perry House
A teenager ventures out to explore an abandoned house. While there, his friend falls through a hole in the floor. Rushing to help his friend, the teen encounters a frightening image: a dangerous and angry doctor. The teen runs, but soon finds his dreams are filled with images of the doctor. As his sanity unwinds, the frightened teen finds himself committed to a mental hospital and then accused of murder. With only the help of his sympathetic girlfriend, he must piece together the horrible truth behind the Perry house. 3 Dec 2006

The New Australia Prison
Deep in the forest lies a military base containing the most frightening prison in the country: the New Australia prison. Surrounded by a giant wall, the prison is a one way ticket for the worst offenders. Given no support or structure of any kind, the prisoners must create their own society and live off the land. As the confining pressure of the walls increases, the prisoners devise a desperate plan for escape. 22 May 2005

Another Dialog in the Coffeeshop, and Beyond
Arthur returns to take the botany student for a trip to a far-away tribe to show him what really makes us human. 24 Mar 2004

Master and Apprentice
A Master and her disciple go sailing. They hit a storm which threatens the boat and then their very lives. On the edge of survival and death, split second decisions have lasting consequences, and the guilt and pain thereof must be addressed. 11 Mar 2004

Finding Benny
After a tragic car accident takes the life of their only son, the Fargo's begin encountering strange phenomenon around their house. They struggle to separate reality and illusion in the desperate belief that somehow, their son is still alive. 16 Feb 2004

Dialog at the Coffeeshop
A Computer Science, I mean, Botany graduate student takes a break in a coffeeshop near campus and meets an unusual literature major named Arthur. 6 Feb 2004

Mary and John, fighting while driving through busy freeway traffic, are killed in a fatal accident. As life slips away, Mary finds herself in an apparently abandoned railway station in the middle of the desert. Soon encountering a variety of strange characters, she struggles to understand her situation and also to find her husband. 2 Feb 2004


dot dot dot
Neither what it appears to be nor in any way different. 12 Nov 2008

Sounds from a morning 12 Mar 2007

The Observing Song
Written while at JPL/NASA about the trials and tribulations of observing stellar bodies using ground-based telescopes. 15 Aug 2006

A Play in One Act
They're getting rid of our choices! 21 Jan 2004

And Died in the Darkness There
The animal is out there... The animal is here. 28 Nov 2003

Light and Magic
Mystery... 5 Oct 2003

These Two are the Same
What do a freight train and green leaves have in common? 9 Sep 2003


The Institute
James Raroff has become a recluse. He's abandonded his wife and his job to shut himself into a mysterious basement lair underneath his parent's house. When his good friend Albert has a dream that James has come into a large sum of money, Albert works with James' estranged wife Mary to investigate. They soon discover James is involved with a research institute performing illict experiments. The investigation turns dangerous when Albert finds himself stalked by scientists from the institute. Albert soon ends up jobless and in hiding like James, and he and James rush to put the pieces together before time runs out for both of them. Last Update: 27 Jan 2008

Human-Computer Interaction
Early experiments in cybernetic connections form a secret society of man/machine cyborgs. As the cyborgs become increasingly deadly, the governments of the world team up for a show-down at the Brazilian base of the Transhumanist Collective deep in the Amazon rainforest. Last Update: 18 Jan 2005

Alleloria (PDF) (Map of Loria)
The Lorian dynasty has stood for over 2,400 years. Queen Alleloria has ruled the land well, by all accounts... Yet whispers have been spreading in the darkness. Whispers that Alleloria is not the Queen she seems to be. Whispers that the time of the Lorian dynasty has reached its end. Whispers that a new leader, a new doctrine, a new way of life is coming. The whispers echo in the darkness, echo in the crowds, echo across the land. Alleloria knows these whispers, because they echo loudest in her own heart. Last Update: 20 Jun 2004